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Wedding of wedding photographer . Eric & Regina

This is the 4th wedding of wedding photographer we have photographed within 3 years time since we move in our gallery.   Thinking of this made me want to share with you another wedding we have photographed some time ago– the wedding of Eric & Regina.  Eric, a famous destination photographer based in Kuala Lumpur who runs Ooi Eric  Studio.  Besides, he is ambassador of Sony Alpha camera.  What an great honor of us to be part of  his most important day of his life.  In addition, it was a surprise for us as well as Regina is the person who inquiry us for the wedding photography by email.  Stressful but we enjoyed shooting every single moment for this couple. Their genuine love for each other is reflected in every part of this wedding which witness by numerous of professional photography peers of us.

Last but not least, congrats once again. We wish you a happy newly wed life.

Photography : Gallerie CK

Cinematography : Eugene Chan

Make up : Panny

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