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Featured by Malaysia Tatler Weddings & Bridal Trend 婚尚 magazine 2017

Featured at Malaysia Tatler Weddings magazine. Thanks Malaysia Tatler for the writeup and featuring our works .

Photographic Memories . Photography is one of the most crucial  elements in a wedding , Banking on its power to capture raw and beautiful moments of love for eternity. Four top wedding photographers share tips with Malaysia Tatler Weddings.
Inspiration Through Travel 

“Since I found Lafame Bridal , I shoot a lot more indoor / studio shoot. However I don’t limit myself to shoot locally or indoor. For the past few years , I spent average of 2 to 3 months shooting in oversea every year. This year we have been travelled to Paris, Amsterdam, Japan, Korea , Singapore and few other destinations to be confirmed. This is a way we get inspiration while traveling to see the world and create portfolio in new locations that we never been before.” – Paul Kong

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Featured by Bridal Trend 婚尚 magazine 2017

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忙碌的生活节奏往往让人忽略了藏在生活里的幸福感,但只要两人的双眼对视时所有的甜蜜回忆将在脑海中一一涌现。我愿当新人的第三双眼睛,纪录着他们充满无限爱意的笑容和神韵。- Paul Kong

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