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A New Life . Baby Paul Jr.

PINFatherhood has changed my life. Although this is a very personal article, I believe it worth to share my happiness to everyone in this blog. It is hard to believe I am now a father , a happy father. When I reflect on my life before hearing the news that I was to be a father, many good things come to mind. Evelyn and I had been together over 2 years and we are living a fun happy life.

On June 16, 2015, we welcomed our first son into the world . He can’t wait to see the world earlier as he suppose to be born at 11 July as told by our doctor. When I saw our baby for the first time that I truly understood what a miracle life is. He is so soft, so small , so cute and  to hold this little human being, with his little fingers & feet, left me how truly amazing life is.

I now realize that I found that meaning of life. Fatherhood has done is to help me understand what a wonderful feeling it is to live with meaning. Being a professional photographer, I want to document every little details of the little gift from god.  I want to spend more time with him every day , witness every little changes of him day by day.

I love you ~ Paul, Dad


Last but no least , I LOVE YOU , Evelyn.  Thanks for the behind the scene photo by Jackie Lim.

  • Nicole

    Such a heart touching message from the father. Welcome to parenthood and to learn life lessons from our children. Everyone stay happy n healthy always!; )ReplyCancel

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